iPhone App that’s Making Poverty History!

Just a quick post before I begin my flurry of writing to pump out the blogs I said I’d write for this month – but I’ve just discovered something which is too cool not to tell everyone immediately!

I’ve been lucky enough to officially become an iPhone user as of last Wednesday and already in a week I can see how this phone can become a permanent fixture to your body! However – iPhone’s have the ability to do so much more than just update you about what’s happening on Facebook/Twitter/Foursquare etc – you can be socially aware and active with your iPhone too! (How to be a Socially and Globally Aware iPhone user blog to come soon!)

So my discovery has been the Make Poverty History app, which allows you to put the ‘Make Poverty History’ white band on your iPhone! Not a bad idea, huh? Whilst no, it’s not a free app – the money is going to the Make Poverty History movement, and it only costs $1.19! That’s cheaper than the white bands we wear around our wrists! Bargain!

You can decide where to put the band on your screen , and it looks pretty cool as you can see in the photo I’ve taken on my iPhone with it 🙂 They aim to reach 1 million users in a year, and not only is this very achievable –but think about how much money it will raise too – fantastic!

Watch the video below to hear about this great concept, and visit the Make Poverty History App website  to get more info or download the app for both iPhone or iTouch. You can also search ‘Make Poverty History’ in the App store to purchase!

Money savers – if there’s only one app you ever buy, this has definitely got to be it.

So what are you waiting for iPhone and iTouch users? Get to it!