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Caitlin ProfileHi! I’m Caitlin, twenty-something Australian living in San Francisco, USA. Thanks for stopping by!

I love writing about my travels, expat life in the States, relationships, personal development and social causes that stir my heart.

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Facebook or Instagram are usually best – I’m lucky enough to earn a living from sitting on Facebook all day! 😉 

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I’ve had my sights set on cracking Silicon Valley since I was in university so when the opportunity came to move to San Francisco in October 2014, I jumped at the chance! I’ve since enjoyed sharing my many musings and observations from being an expat, foreigner and alien in this city and country. Who would’ve thought Australia and America would be so different?! Certainly not me!

Pinching myself that I get work at Facebook! After a few months in start-up land, I landed a role at my dream company: Facebook. I began with a stint as a contractor from October 2015 – May 2016, before being offered a full-time role as Product Marketing Manager for Facebook 360 in June 2016. This means spreading the love and awareness for all things 360 at Facebook including 360 videos, photos, our Gear VR app and Live 360 (follow me on Facebook to check out some of my Live 360s – cooking dinner and walking across the Brooklyn Bridge). I love my job and pinch myself every day because a) Facebook has been my dream // goal company to work for (and it’s truly all it’s cracked up to be. Check out our campus here!) and b) I truly believe that 360/VR has the power to break down the many barriers that divide our world and is going to change the way we interact, connect and empathise with one another. If you’re interested in bringing more immersive experiences to Facebook, I’d love to chat (hit me up here)!


Melting at Top of the Rock on a sweltering weekend in New York

Travelling is my number one hobby and I’ve been privileged with the opportunity to travel to cities and countries around the world for fun, business, personal development and volunteering. I truly hope to continue exploring the world as long as I’m around on this earth. You can read about my latest travel adventures here.

Since I currently live in the United States, most of my time is spent visiting as many states and cities here as possible, or hopping over to some neighbouring countries. At least one weekend every month you’ll find me exploring another state. I love how diverse this country is, and hope to tick off all 50 states eventually!

Global Checklist (in order of travel) 

Australia (born and raised!), New Zealand (x2), England (x6), France (x3), Belgium, Vanuatu, Singapore (x4), Indonesia, Ghana, Kenya, Malaysia (x2), United Arab Emirates, East and West Timor, Thailand (x2), Hong Kong, Nepal (x2), Chile, Brazil, Cambodia (x2), Vietnam, USA (currently living here!), Canada (x3), Mexico, Spain, Germany, The Bahamas, Dominican Republic, Austria, Slovenia, The Netherlands (x2) and Ireland.

United States Checklist (in order of travel) 

Hawaii, California, Nevada, Florida, Illinois, New York, Massachusetts, Delaware, Washington DC, Louisiana, Arizona, Washington, Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas, Connecticut, Tennessee.

Next travel destinations:

Nov 26th – Dec 1st: New York, NY – my very last work trip of the year, but I’ll of course be fitting in a solo Broadway show to follow tradition!

December – January: London, Paris and Edinburgh to celebrate Christmas and ring in the New Year with one of my best friends! We’re split across Sydney and San Francisco, so what better way to spend the holidays together than meeting on a completely different continent for both of us.

January: Iceland – it’s been a dream of mine to see the Northern Lights so one of the very first things I’ll be doing in the new year is joining a 6 day tour to chase this natural phenomenon – note to self: must by warm boots and the warmest, puffiest jacket ever.


One of the most common questions I’m asked is “How did you land where you are today?!” I’ve had the incredible opportunity to work with many organisations and companies I care deeply about and continue to passionately support their work. Here’s a look at where I’ve come from (for the straight-forward resume version, visit my Linkedin profile!):



Meeting with some children in Cambodia as part of our Challenge for Change trip

Between February 2013 – October 2014 I was the Digital Marketing & Events Coordinator at Baptist World Aid Australia before packing up my bags and moving to San Francisco. It was such a blessing to be able to combine my love for communications, the online world and see developing countries break their cycle of poverty. Baptist World Aid is a fantastic organisation that seeks to end extreme poverty, and you can read more about their values and work here. The organisation currently works in 17 countries spread across Africa, Asia and the Pacific. Navin and I sponsor two children – a 8 year old girl, Gita from Nepal and a 8 year old boy, Rin from Cambodia. The best thing about this partnership is that our money isn’t just going to Gita and Rin, but their communities too! If you’re looking to make a difference in the world in 2017, I couldn’t recommend sponsorship with BWA more! Check it out here.

In December 2012 I finished up two years with the BUiLD (Beyond UTS International Leadership and Development) program at UTS. My time with BUiLD was life-changing and the lessons and values I took away from this job will stay with me for life. If you’re starting at UTS or are a current UTS student, this is a program you NEED to be a part of, it shaped me in ways I couldn’t have imagined. Find out more here.


Trying on my first sari in Nepal – I ended up wearing this as my wedding reception!

From 2010 – 2012 I volunteered with The Oaktree Foundation. This is an Australian organisation that everyone should know about. I first became passionate about social justice when I was in Year 11 when I went on Oaktree’s Make Poverty History Road Trip, so Oaktree has a very special place in my heart. I’m now equally as passionate about firing up the social justice spark in other young people too. To take a real challenge this year, why not commit to Live Below the Line – a fantastic fundraising campaign seeking brave people to live on $2 (food) a day for 5 days! Do it, I dare you!

In January 2013 I co-coordinated a trip to Cambodia  that sought to raise $50,000 for Oaktree so they could continue educating young Australians and also continue their current work with young people in Papua New Guinea, East Timor and Cambodia. Our team cycled and trekked our way around Cambodia and aimed to develop leadership potential in the 15 UTS students who jumped on board. Read about our trip here!


I graduated from the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) with a Bachelor of Global Studies (Communications – Journalism) in November 2011. I’m a diehard UTS supporter and couldn’t recommend this university more! It combines theory with practice and I have no doubt the opportunities I had throughout my degree to get out in the world and practically apply my knowledge through internships helped me on my career journey today. It may not be the prettiest campus, but I don’t think I could’ve been taught and trained better anywhere else.

Past blogs and thanks

I love writing and throughout my study, career and travel have used various blogs to focus on different topics that are close to my heart. When I was studying at UTS I actively wrote about social justice issues at Globally Thinking. During my two trips to Nepal in November 2010 and January 2012 I blogged about my experiences over on the Nepal Vision Trip blog.

All professional San Francisco-based shots are thanks to the incredibly talented Deb Boots – a Brisbane, Australia based photographer. Check her out here!

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