A teaser for August

So I have now returned from Malaysia and plan on staying in Australia for quite a while to come! Everyone keeps asking me if I’ve caught a travel bug, and whilst I caught that a while ago, it’s so good to be home! Whilst away, I did a lot of brainstorming about future blog posts over the next month so I thought I’d write a quick introductory post about the blogs I’ll be writing in the near future just to wet your appetites!

Ghana Revisited: Though it feels like Ghana was a whole lifetime ago now, the memories and experiences are still very clear in my mind so I’ll be writing a reflection about the month and including a photo scroll for you to look through. For now – feel free to visit Navin’s public Ghana album on Facebook.

 Voting Ethically: So, the Federal Election has been called for Saturday the 21st of August, and thousands of Australians will head to the polling booth to decide between Julia and Tony. Many of us have personal reasons for voting for a specific political party, whether it be their promises related to education, health, immigration etc. I’d like to encourage you to consider voting ethically this election – that is, voting based on Labor and Liberals commitment to foreign aid and promised actions within the international development field if they re/gain power.  I’ll explore commitments the parties’ have made in this field and look at ways we’ll be able to follow up on them once someone’s in power!

World Cup Over, Now What?: The recent FIFA World Cup was a huge success in South Africa and brought a lot of attention to a nation and continent that is still very much behind the world in regards to their quality of life. Yet now the World Cup’s been and gone, is it time to just forget about South Africa and Africa? I’m going to look at movements that took place during the World Cup, what’s happening there now and why it’s still “time for Africa” as Shakira sings in the famous South Africa World Cup Anthem.  

40 Hour Famine Weekend: Over the 20th-22nd August I’ll be giving up Food, Furniture and the real hard-hitter: talking for an entire weekend to raise money for Nepal through World Vision’s 40 Hour Famine.  I’ve been a participant in the Famine many times before but never to such a degree so it shall be a challenging and eye-opening experience!! I’ll be blogging about my experience over the weekend and including photos too! For now, sponsor me at my 40 Hour Famine Donations Page.

“Home Is Where The Heart Is” Book Review: In my blog about Malaysia I mentioned purchasing Geraldine Cox’s book about her journey of opening children’s villages in Cambodia. I hope to have finished this book by the end of August so will be writing a review about it then! If this proves popular, I’ll try pop out a review once a month (it’ll certainly encourage me to read more!)

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