Child Food Crisis

As I’ve been away the past few days, I thought to keep the ball rolling with this blog I’d share a quick video from Care Australia about the Child Food Crisis and how you can help! I’ve been away in Canberra over the past five days campaigning for child health, and so this crisis really calls close to home. I will be posting a blog about my experiences on the trip in the next couple of days, but for now be moved by this emotional clip, and visit Care’s website link below to find out ways you can help.

 Some hard facts that really hit you in the face…

  • Every day, 16,000 children under five die from hunger-related causes 
  • Hunger makes children weak and less able to fight off infection and disease  
  • The cost to feed every small child in danger from hunger is AUD$4.31 billion
  • Each year Australians throw away food worth AUD$5.2 billion 

Just to reiterate those last points, Australia throws away more food than what is needed to feed every child in danger from hunger.

Ending the Child Food Crisis is possible – but what are you going to do about it? Visit Care’s campaign page about the Crisis to donate or discover other practical ways to help.

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