8 Goals for Africa

I thought I’d write a few World Cup themed blogs over the next few days as this global sporting event seems to have everyone talking! Whilst the 4.30am soccer games can be exciting (or perhaps disappointing!), the most exciting aspect of this year’s World Cup is that it’s Africa’s first time as the host nation, and it’s provided a wonderful opportunity to shed light on the 8 Millennium Development Goals which still plague Africa (amongst other continents of course.)

Going with the ‘goal’ theme of the World Cup, I thought I’d share with you this wonderful song which looks at the 8 Goals. This movement called 8 Goals for Africa is an advocacy campaign started by the United Nations in South Africa. Director of the UN’s Information Centre in South Africa, Marie-Evelyne Petrus-Barry explains the idea of the song, and the importance of focusing on these goals during the World Cup: “While the whole world is watching towards South Africa with the World Cup coming up, we felt that sport is also linked to development. Soccer is the most popular game in Africa. That is also the place where the MDGs are the least met.”

 Eight of Africa’s best known musical artists sing about one goal each. They produced a wonderful song and music video with great lyrics, and included some beautiful children in the video! Wouldn’t it be great if these goals were finally achieved and all African children could share in the joy expressed in the video?  I’ve included the video below and you can view the lyrics here. Enjoy!

My favourite verse says: “Let the children go to school, Let there be no reason, They can’t get an education, I see the beautiful minds coming, From miles and miles like butterflies, Let’s feed the thirst in their eyes.” Be sure to check out the rest of the lyrics!

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