Award Nomination and other news…


I have been absent from my blog in the longest time since May. I’m not sure advertising 5 blogs over 5 days was the smartest idea considering how busy I am at the moment – so apologies for false advertising, but I hope to write each blog I promised eventually!

So whilst I’m alive, I counted the amount of days I’ve been away from Globally Thinking and calculated that within that time, almost half a million children died – from hunger, from malnutrition, birth complications, and diseases. These are the children that this blog stands up for – and these are the children and issues I will continue to write for. I may have been short of time lately, but I am far from short of motivation and passion to educate and advocate about these issues. 

 Before I write my next blog however, I just wanted to keep everyone up to date on a few exciting things that have happened over the past fortnight.

 Firstly, Globally Thinking was nominated for an award in UTS’ Human Rights Awards. This was a huge privilege, and it was a big encouragement to even receive a nomination for these prestigious awards at my university!

 I’ve also just received news that I’ve been selected for the next stage of World Vision’s Youth Ambassador program! The program is open to 16-20 year olds that raised $200 or more in the 40 Hour Famine, and first stage applicants were chosen after a written application answering a few questions about our passion for fighting against poverty. Thanks to everyone that supported me in my 40 Hour Famine efforts this year – it’s through your support that I’ve made it to this stage so THANK YOU!  There are still a few stages to get through, but I’m excited to make this first round! I will be giving a three minute speech about a time/moment/event in my life that’s significantly affected me. I’m still sussing out what I’ll write about, however I’ll be sure to post my speech here before I present it!

There won’t be such a gap between this blog and the next, that I can promise.


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