University Scholars Leadership Symposium

So whilst I’ve just gotten back from Africa after four wonderful weeks in Ghana (safe and sound – Praise God!), I’m due to head off overseas again this Sunday to attend the University Scholars Leadership Symposium in Malaysia on behalf of my uni, UTS. I’ll be writing in more detail about my time in Ghana, but before I leave again I thought I’d share a quick blog about the Symposium and what I’ll be doing for a week!

At UTS I’m part of a new international leadership program called Beyond UTS which provides UTS students with leadership, learning, networking and international experiences and opportunities. Beyond UTS decided to send a group of UTS students to the Symposium, giving each student $2000 AUD each for travel and program expenses. I found out about this amazing opportunity just days before I left for Africa, so applied in the nick of time and did a phone interview for the position at the airport before my flight! Whilst in Ghana, I found out that I’d be chosen for one of the grants! So I’m part of a group of 12 UTS students who will head to Malaysia this Sunday for a week to attend the Symposium.

The Symposium aims to bring together over 300 university students from around the world to talk about issues of extreme poverty, hear from some inspiring humanitarian workers and learn how to start our own aid and development projects too. Their website says, “The goal is to impart students with an awareness of humanitarian needs and to challenge them to play their part to achieve the United National Millennium Development Goals” The conference also seeks to “motivate the next generation leaders to be agents of change for the world they would like to see.”

I’m looking forward to networking, hearing perspectives from people who live on different corners of our world and brainstorming and discussing project ideas together. From experiences such as the Make Poverty History and Survive to Five Road Trips, I’ve learnt that bringing passionate youth together who are ready to be the change they want to see in the world is powerful, inspirational and seems to have a ripple effect of encouraging others to get on board with these causes too.

Have a look at their website to see the program of the conference and more information about it. This is the first Symposium ever held of its kind, and it hopes to become an inaugural event!

I’ll be taking my laptop with me so hope to write quick daily updates and share some encouraging and challenging ideas that I’m sure I’ll be learning!

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