The W Word

March has always been a special month for our family, with birthdays popping up left, right and centre and celebrations and get-togethers taking up every weekend. Whilst I love the opportunity to see family more regularly than normal, March is particularly important to me because it’s a month all about important women. On the 8th […]


373 days ago…

It’s been one year and one week since I returned from a place that has stayed painted clear in my mind since I stepped foot on the plane home. Nepal had an irreversible impact on me and it feels like just yesterday I was walking through the dusty streets in my kurta salwar with hoards […]


Meet the Vision Trip team!

As promised, here’s a quick introduction to our versatile team that are here for a variety of reasons, yet united under a common purpose of serving our God! These ‘reasons for being here’ come straight from each team members – some true, some humorous but a good reflection of our diverse yet complementing backgrounds. Back […]