Pursuit of Happiness

Hi there! It’s been a while… almost four months in fact (um, where is this year going?!), but I’m back. It’s hard to say what took me so long to write again, I have about eleven or so half written blogs on my desktop just waiting to be touched with the magic creativity wand, but […]


Friends with Benefits

So, I’ve got your attention with this title, right? Before you start wondering how on earth I’ve verged down such a path, hold up. I’m talking friends with real benefits, life-changing ones. You’ve got over 500+ Facebook friends. Is it time to defriend? Well, probably not, but it’s time to start making relationships count a […]



It wouldn’t be December if it were possible to really blog every day! So tonight I owe you. How have you been going with thankfulness this week? Is it becoming easier each day? This week has been a roller-coaster of emotions for me yet I’m noticing that I’m able to find joy in bleak situations because […]