Welcome to My Table

Sharing a meal is one of the oldest rituals, pastimes and arts of humanity. An act universally recognised as one of hospitality and community. A symbol of friendship and kindness. Yet I fear we  are slowly losing connection to this communal tradition. Have you ever been asked who you’d invite to dinner if you had […]


Dancing like no one is watching…

If you know me well, you’ll know that I love dancing and find any excuse to boogie, shake or shuffle in daily situations. I love dancing because you don’t have to be good at it to find joy in it, it allows you to embrace your individuality and most of all, dancing is universal. In […]


The Universal Wave

After an absolutely spectacular, rewarding, challenging and emotional 2 week journey in Cambodia I have set foot safely on Australian soil but know my heart has lingered behind me, holding closely the memories of the diverse experiences we encountered, the beautiful people who brightened each day and the many lessons I learnt about myself, my […]