20 Solutions for a Sustainable Future

I’ve now been back from my Brazilian Adventure for 2 weeks and am still processing the experience, the learnings and the global networks I made. In short, the World Youth Congress was different to my expectations, and I definitely felt challenged to overcome the various obstacles that came from camping, a vegetarian menu and varying […]


Voce fala ingles?

I have arrived safe and sound in Rio after a 24 whirlwind tour of Santiago, Chile! Despite all my travels, particularly to developing countries, I don’t think I’ve ever felt so much culture shock as I have here! The comprehension of English in both Chile and Brazil has definitely added some barriers to the ease […]


Take-off in 10 hours!

I’m set to take off for my South American adventure in 10 hours and it still hasn’t hit me! I’m both nervous and excited by heading alone into unknown territory but I’m looking forward to the hundreds of young people that I’ll be meeting in Rio who all are passionate about making our world a […]