In the last 6 weeks…

So in the last 6 weeks I’ve been in four different countries, with four different time zones and five different languages – from Tetun, Portuguese, Bahasa Indonesian, Thai and English, I’ve currently got many words, phrases and numbers that I’ve learnt swimming around in my head as I begin to process the many experiences I’ve […]


So long Singapore!

My weeklong stint in Singapore is unfortunately coming to an end today but it has been a wonderful learning experience, and an interesting insight into the processes and inner workings of the United Nations. It’s been particularly fascinating to be part of these processes during such a momentous week in history – regarding the UN’s […]


UNYA National Youth Summit

Over the past week I had the privilege of attending the United Nations Youth Association’s (UNYA) first National Youth Summit. The Summit in Sydney brought together about 200 delegates from around the country for four days, where we engaged and interacted with various issues and problem solving activities. The Summit focused on producing a document […]