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Welcome to My Table

Sharing a meal is one of the oldest rituals, pastimes and arts of humanity. An act universally recognised as one of hospitality and community. A symbol of friendship and kindness. Yet I fear we  are slowly losing connection to this communal tradition. Have you ever been asked who you’d invite to dinner if you had […]


I’m not bossy. I’m the BOSS.

What do you think when you hear the word “bossy”? Negative thoughts, right? Recollections of school yard bullies who controlled the handball court, or maybe dictators in your university group work that breathed down your neck. Or perhaps, you were a girl who was called bossy, strong-willed, stubborn or determined when you were younger? Were […]


Advance Australia Where?

On Saturday evening I went to the Rugby League World Club Challenge final, Sydney Roosters vs. Wigan, and as with any good international play-off we began the evening with hearts on our chest as we sung our national anthems with pride. Except for the first time in a while, I felt anything but pride when […]


When life throws you curveballs

This blog was supposed to contain exciting news, an announcement we’d mostly kept to ourselves for a couple of months. It was an announcement that would change our lives completely for the next three years and test our relationship, trust in God and linguistic skills. Unfortunately, we’re announcing the opposite: we’re not going to Chile. […]


Pursuit of Happiness

Hi there! It’s been a while… almost four months in fact (um, where is this year going?!), but I’m back. It’s hard to say what took me so long to write again, I have about eleven or so half written blogs on my desktop just waiting to be touched with the magic creativity wand, but […]


Friends with Benefits

So, I’ve got your attention with this title, right? Before you start wondering how on earth I’ve verged down such a path, hold up. I’m talking friends with real benefits, life-changing ones. You’ve got over 500+ Facebook friends. Is it time to defriend? Well, probably not, but it’s time to start making relationships count a […]