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3 Things in Ghana

Drawing on the popular ‘3 Things’ concept, I thought I’d write my conclusion blog about Ghana by drawing on different categories of ‘3 Things’. On Friday it was a month since I returned home from Ghana, so I’ve certainly had a lot of time to reflect and reminisce on my wonderful experiences there. I’ve also […]



My voice is well and truly back (and doesn’t everyone around me know it!) but it’s been a weird transition between being completely voiceless and my usual talkative self. I’ve found I am still prone to sit their silently as people talk to me, forgetting that I can talk, and I still have the tendency […]


52 hours later…

The 40 Hour Famine is over for 2010 – and I successfully didn’t eat, use furniture (except the one time at the dentist!) or Facebook for 40 whole hours! Surprisingly none of these sacrafices felt particularly challenging this year (except maybe my sore back/restless sleeps!) so I am definitely glad that I added the challenge […]


Say What?! The 50 Hour Famine??

I’ve almost been silent now for 4 hours, and it’s much harder than I expected! You have to be constantly aware of that fact you can’t talk so little words don’t come out. I’ve made a few noises, but haven’t spoken to my amazement yet! Before youth tonight I picked up a donation from bumping […]


A teaser for August

So I have now returned from Malaysia and plan on staying in Australia for quite a while to come! Everyone keeps asking me if I’ve caught a travel bug, and whilst I caught that a while ago, it’s so good to be home! Whilst away, I did a lot of brainstorming about future blog posts […]


Selamat Detang!

Today I’m writing from hot, sticky Malaysia so Selamat Detang! It’s been a week since I left Africa, so as I said earlier,  it’s been surreal to be in my third continent within a week! I’ve missed Africa so much since leaving, but the Symposium has acted as a fantastic debrief from my trip as […]