Embracing Twenty Thirteen

Reflect. Renew. Embrace.



Last New Year’s Eve I was in a country hospital at midnight, stepping on a stubborn piece of plastic crate that successful wedged itself into my foot (note to self: thongs do not count as protective footwear). I spent the countdown into 2012 in tears, agony and haste, “quick, kiss me Navin, we have to make this romantic!” After surgery a few days later and an anxious wait to see if I’d walk gracefully (not hobble) down the aisle on February 18 (glad to say I was walking by that stage!), I was determined that my less than ideal beginning to the year would not reflect on the days, weeks and months to come and looking back on last year, I can easily say 2012 was the best year of my life to date.

Whilst the inspiring people I met, the amazing places I visited and the significant life events I encountered contributed to this, the moments that stay clear in my mind were those of challenges and lessons. The times when I was frustrated, confused or sad were varied and sometimes over-exaggerated in my mind, but throughout all these times weaved one common theme: they were times I was humbled. If there is one lesson I want to take with me into 2013, it is one of humility.



On 1st of July 2012 I set out with some pretty big goals to take me to 30th June 2013. Many are a work in progress, and I’m continually chipping away at learning newmeals, trying new cuisines, reading a varied collection of books and becoming a healthier me. I’ll be sky-diving in February and plan to bury my head in Jane Austen throughout January. You can read my 20 goals again here, and I’ll try keep you updated on my progress better! Just like renewing wedding vows, today I’m renewing my commitment to the goals for my 365 Day Project, but as for me it wouldn’t be a new year without writing down some new aspirations for 2013 here are a few other things I hope to work towards.

Get in a pattern of sleeping for 7 hours every night – less late nights, more early mornings.

Figure out my 5 day/week plan for the year – i.e. what will consume my week? Full-time work? Full-time study? Part-time work, part-time study?

Start a ‘gratitude jar’ – following on from my month of thankfulness, I’m going to write one thing I’m thankful for each day and place it inside a jar, to be opened and read on December 31st 2013.

Learn to appreciate myself – looking in all the right places to find my worth. More like this and less like this. Prioritise my health as a result.

Encourage someone each day – as my primary love language is words of affirmation, I’m going to work towards sharing this with others in 2013.


embrace_instantIn my opinion, Sydney is easily the most beautiful city in the world – our climate, landscape and landmarks leave every visitor captivated, and our shinning moment every year is definitely New Year’s Eve. Our harbour comes alive with unity and celebration, always with a different theme to mark the beginning of a new year. This year’s theme was EMBRACE and this word I often associate with hugs really resonated with me. 2013 is a year I want to embrace – to welcome opportunities, lessons and challenges with open arms and look for biblical ways of approaching everything that 2013 brings – a year to embrace humility.

What does 2013 hold for you? What are you hoping to achieve, learn or experience? What did 2012 teach you?

– C a i t l i n

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