Thankful on a Monday

rainy monday_instantMondays are probably my least favourite day of the week and today was no different – rainy bleak weather and back to work after a weekend of sunshine, beaches and Christmas trees, this is definitely a day where I struggle to find things to be thankful for. Slowly but surely though things popped up throughout the day time and time again which gave me a kick or a nudge here and there as if I was being told, “Caitlin, you have everything to be thankful for”, and I really do.. so here’s my three for today.

December 3

1. I am thankful for… a shelter when it rains. As I got frustrated at my umbrella this morning at it’s lack of coverage from the wet and cold, I was completely humbled tonight whilst watching last week’s Foreign Correspondent episode,  “We Will Not be Moved”Watching the land struggle faced by hundreds of thousands of Cambodian people who are continually uprooted and moved to make way for development, I was reminded just how blessed I am to have a stable roof over my head.


2. I am thankful for… Gungor. Today was one of those days when I listened to one song on repeat and it brought a smile andpeacefulness back to an otherwise manic Monday. Check out Gungor – a fantastic American musician that features heavily in the INF videos I’ve been playing lately. “This Is Not the End” was my track of the day, it’s simple, uplifting and makes me feel at ease.  Enjoy!

3. I am thankful for… cooking. Since moving out a year ago, cooking has been somewhat of a chore more than anything to me, but in the past few months it’s become more therapeutic. I’m not sure who to thank for this but cooking has become my way of de-stressing – it’s my outlet to try new things, make mistakes and just laugh at myself. If you’re daring enough to try my creations, let me know! I’d love to have you over for dinner 🙂

What were you thankful for today? 

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