31 Days of Thankfulness

thankful_instantA week ago I wrote about the need for thankfulness, especially in the dawn of Thanksgiving and the greed that was portrayed just the day after on Black Friday (check out this frightening video footage!) It’s so easy to ignore the blessings in life and focus on the mishaps, challenges and setbacks. In light of this, I challenged myself to share three things I’m thankful for each day during the month of December. Traditionally a month of giving, celebration and joy, this can easily gets lost in the stress and selfishness that a mere mention of ‘Christmas’ can bring out. I hope the next 31 days encourage me to look for and focus on the blessings, not the setbacks. Why not find three things you’re thankful for each day in December too? Blog about them, Facebook them or just write them on a post-it and stick it somewhere you’ll see each day. This is the month to bring thankfulness back and make it a lifestyle and attitude!

December 1avoca beach_instant

1. I am thankful for… the Australian coastline. Spending the day in the ocean yesterday truly reminded me just how lucky we are on our island home! Spectacular landscapes, crystal clear waters and majestic sunrises and sunsets, wow. I am going to miss the sea if we one day venture to (equally spectacular but landlocked) Nepal!

2. I am thankful for… multiculturalism. I was reminded of this whilst enjoying Mexican at Rojo Rocket in Avoca yesterday (seriously fantastic, check it out!) and feel so grateful to live in a country blessed with an abundance of cultures where we can enjoy Thai one night, Indian the next and then Mexican on the weekend. (Check out my 365 Project no 20. goal!)

3. I am thankful for… friends. There’s nothing like welcoming an Australian summer in with great friends, because for me, SUMMER is the season for good times with friends & family… roadtrips, Christmas, NYE , picnics & beach bbqs, my polaroid camera is bursting to come out!

December 2


1. I am thankful for… sleep-ins. Whilst long days of never-ending light are very welcomed in Summer, I was so grateful for a sleep-in this morning after a few restless humid nights. In 2013 one of my commitments will be to bring back the 8 hour sleep!

2. I am thankful for… cool breezes. I know this one may sound comical, but after 3-4 days of 30+ degrees heat and humidity, it was so wonderful to be greeted by a cool respite to begin the week refreshed and ready to go! I think it’s going to be a HOT one for Sydney this Summer! (European friends, what are you waiting for?!)

3. I am thankful for… Christmas. I think Christmas truly begins to moment our calendar flicks over to December and I’m looking forward to this wonderful season of giving and celebration, but most importantly remembering my Saviour’s birth! This is our first Christmas as a married couple too, so Navin and I are looking forward to making some new traditions this year too.

What are you thankful for today? Share your three things below!

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