The Art of Thankfulness…

Today my Twitter feed has been full of messages of thanksgiving and sharing the things in life to be #thankful for. Whilst Australia never seems to catch on to American holidays (no, Halloween is still not a thing here) I really like the emotions and acts of services that Thanksgiving prompts. All these messages of gratitude have left me in such a pleasant and inspired mood today, and also caused me to really think about how often I am truly thankful. Reflecting on my week I feel like I’ve complained 98% of the time and maybe said thanks or appreciated something the other 2%. This has left me feeling sad, overwhelmed and tired and there’s really no better day than today to turn that around!

Lately, I’ve really been challenged by the art of thankfulness and the gift of contentment. In December I am going to challenge myself to be thankful for 3 things a day and post each of them to my blog. Some posts will be short, some will be long but I hope my thankfulness has a ripple effect to you – what are you thankful for today and why? I dare you to join me on my month of thankfulness and see how it transforms your mood and lifestyle.

Because it’s a whole week until December I thought I’d write three for today as a teaser…

1. I am thankful for… employment. I’m grateful that this morning I was about to get out of bed and spend a day in a job I love. 

2. I am thankful for… my husband. Last night I came home late to an apartment full of candles and all my washing folded, and not to mention he’s sitting through Breaking Dawn with me tonight! 🙂

3. I am thankful for… my country. As much as I spend a lot of time trying to see other parts of the world, I truly love Australia and really appreciated my walk home from work in the beautiful sunshine.

A friend posted this wonderful video on Facebook this afternoon and I just wanted to share it as it ties in nicely with this post… The Holstee Manifesto (beautifully shown in this video lifecycle) is “a call to action to live a life full of intention, creativity, passion, and community.”… and thankfulness too! Enjoy 🙂

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