Red Flags + Cambodia Bound

There are only two words to describe the past two weeks and my lack of attention to my blog: red flags. When I signed up for my 12WBT with Michelle Bridges one of the very first lessons I learnt was that the 12 weeks ahead of me weren’t going to sail by without opportunities to fall off the band wagon – consecutive nights out, holidays and busyness that leads to a lack of sleep. Where possible we were encouraged to record all these ‘red flags’ in our diary so we could be prepared for when they’d hit us, and boy have mine hit me like a tonne of bricks.

From nights out to see a musical (Legally Blonde – go see it, it’s fantastic!!), weekends away with friends or an overwhelming tiredness that has pulled me into bed as soon as I step foot in my door and not thrown me back out of bed early enough to see my good friend the gym often enough has led these past two weeks to feel like a rollercoaster! Phew, glad I got that out of the way! If anything, these past two weeks have shown me the importance of taking time out, and I mean real time out. No checking emails, Facebook or Instagram every 5 minutes but just taking the time to rest.

After just spending the weekend away with 10 fantastic friends in the beautiful countryside of Stroud I finally feel like I’ve bounced back into life feeling revitalised and ready to hit the upcoming red flags HEAD ON (e.g. cooking ahead and bringing dinner if I’ve got a late night ahead at work!) After skipping into work this morning and having my colleagues notice my energy and chirpiness thanks to the rest I’d had from being disconnected, I think it’s time to admit my ridiculous obsession with technology and take a technology-free weekend once a month! And while I thought 12WBT was hard, I think this challenge has just pushed me to a new level of difficulty. I’ll let you know when I’m signing-off for the weekend in November!

My challenge to you in this post is to find that thing you’re obsessed with that prevents you from resting – are you too connected like me? Do you spend your entire weekend socialising but find no time for peace + quiet with yourself? Does alcohol take control of your entire weekend, every week? (I recommend trying Hello Sunday Morning!) Whatever it is, find it and challenge yourself to remove yourself from it just 1 weekend every month. If you do decide to take this up, I would love to hear from you. Since I am such a technology nut, there are a million and one ways to contact me so head to my ‘About Caitlin’ page or comment below. Last month I was so humbled to be messaged by a girl I met a few years ago through World Vision. We live in different states, aren’t in regular contact, but I now feel reconnected through my blog and her willingness to share our challenges together!

“Caitlin, I found a mentor and have been on the hello Sunday morning for nearly a month now and next week I am going to get up at 6am!” – Daisy (with her permission)

Join Daisy and I and take these challenges with us! I’m continually motivated and inspired by the supportive people I surround myself with, so I want to motivate and inspire you too! 🙂

Speaking of challenges, I also wanted to quickly announce that I’m heading to CAMBODIA in January!!! I have been completely blessed with the opportunity to accompany 18 amazing students, staff and supporters of UTS on a “Challenge for Change” trek + cycle around Cambodia to raise money for The Oaktree Foundation. Combining my love of travel, Oaktree, fitness and mentoring young people this is a trip that ticks so many boxes for me and I cannot wait to head to a country I’ve dreamed about visiting thanks to an Indochina overload in Year 11 + 12 Modern History. Later this week I’ll let you know how you can support us in this adventure and maybe even post a picture of me getting back on a bike (after who knows how many years!!), lucky you! 😉

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