My blog hits the big time!!!

Kinda… big enough for me!!

Was so excited to wake up this morning to my weekly Wednesday email from Michelle Bridges (12WBT) not only because I find these emails incredibly motivating but because I won her weekly challenge and was recognised as one of the Top 20 Bloggers of the round! WOOHOO!

This week’s challenge was to enter a blog with the following criteria:

  • You should make between 1 – 3 posts per week
  • Each post should be between 300 – 1000 words
  • Your posts are in line with our Copyright Policies (eg. not reposting 12WBT content)
  • Your personality shows through whilst still adding value to others
  • You make good use of images and use them to enhance a post
  • The blog is well laid out, easy to read and eye catching
  • You includes a short personal bio and an About section
  • Your blog is on topic and adds value to readers even if they aren’t participating in the current round of 12WBT
  • Your posts are motivating, inspiring, interesting and leave readers wanting more!

With so many things to fulfil, it almost made me shy away from entering! I’ve been so proud of what achieved in the past month thanks to 12WBT (even the past 2 months thanks to my 365 Day Project!) so I realised there was no reason not to enter, at least it would mean that Michelle would check out my blog if anything! So flattered to know that my blog is recognised as one that adds values to readers who aren’t doing 12WBT with me and a blog that motivates, inspires and interests  readers. So thank you, thank you, thank you, for returning and sharing in this with me. 

I’m even more motivated to keep up the blog even on days I feel like crashing as soon as I step through the door and I can’t wait to continue creating exciting content and new challenges for you to take part in. I’m also now in the running for Blogger of the Round which will be announced on November 17th so stay tuned!! 🙂

Before I wrap up I though I’d dish out another challenge for the week (check out Sunday’s challenges here – have you found a mentor yet?!) based on a challenge I found myself in today.


So for the first time in my life today I tried Yoga and no it wasn’t in the comfort of my own home with my friendly Wii instructor, it was at UTS gym with a class of 30 people, or should I say contortionists who can bend, flex and curl every limb in their body! If I didn’t feel out of my element enough, matters got a whole lot worse as the instructor encouraged “mooooove to the paaaace of your breaaaaathing” which for me was rather rapid as my heartbeat got faster and faster with nerves! I could’ve spent the whole class feeling embarrassed and ashamed at my absolute inability to reach my toes let alone swing my foot behind my neck, but I couldn’t help but just laugh and go with the flow. Yoga kicked my butt today but this isn’t the last it’ll be seeing of me! One day I’m going to balance on my head while keeping perfectly zen if it’s the last thing I do!! Watch this space 😉 

I still haven’t forgotten that I owe you a recipe but unfortunately you’ll have to sign up to 12WBT to get the awesome Kangaroo Mince Pie recipe 😉 (4TH Round preseason starts soon – check it out!) but I’ll have something for you by the end of the week. In the meantime I’ll leave you to drool over my Chicken Penang Curry from Monday night. Possibly the best dish I have ever made so you’ll just have to come on over to try it and guess the recipes 😉

Don’t forget to try something new this week and let me know how it goes! Remember to laugh even in the worst moments, it’ll have you coming back for more!


  1. Carol

    Firstly congratulations on your blog win! Woooo hooooo. Secondly that Penang Chicken, OMG, it is so good I swear I could drink the sauce! hahahaha. Brilliant work, keep it up.

  2. Sandra

    Congratulations!! On the competition (your blogs really are amazing and beautifully executed!) and the yoga. I started just recently and am so lucky to have an instructor who focuses on the breathing (the most important) rather than how far into the posture you can go. 3 months in and I’m so much more flexible already (you will be too!) but most importantly, I’m listening to myself so much better and feeling like things are flowing smoother inside and out 🙂 Happy yoga-ing!

  3. John Hill

    I take responsibility for eating our national emblem. Remember Jindabyne? Who didn’t want to eat it? Magnificent secret stir fry. Hopefully not too much zen. See you later Caitlin baba.

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