Meet the Superhumans

Wow. Thanks to everyone that read my last post! It was the most hit post on my blog to date and I have felt so blessed with the comments, feedback and messages I’ve received from everyone – THANK YOU! It’s so nice to know I’m not alone in my slightly crazy goals over the next year and it’s super rewarding to hear about people who are taking up the challenge too – whether it be trying an early morning workout or a Hello Sunday Morning alcohol ban.

In saying this, as we’re on this journey together and it’s all about being honest with one another, I have a bit of a confession to make. I’ve been suffering from a bit of a motivation crisis over the past couple of days due to a pesky never-ending headache and only managed two 5.30am workouts this week (yet ready for another one tomorrow morning!!) and I’ve been searching for ways to snap myself out of it. My husband Navin came across this amazing ad for the Paralympics a couple of weeks ago, and the first time I watched it, it gave me tingles. I’ve watched it again and again over the past few days and there mustn’t be anything more motivating than watching the determination and passion of these amazing people!

Check out the ad and let me know how it makes you feel!

I’ve been inspired by our amazing Australians in London over the past week – make sure you catch some of the highlights here.

The biggest lesson from this week has definitely been, if you fall off the horse don’t waste time lying around in the mud, get right back on there. I’m really looking forward to an early sleep tonight and my early workout tomorrow morning! Have you tried one yet since my challenge on Monday? How did you go? Willing to do another one? I hope the endorphins that carried you through the day are enough to get you up at an obscene hour for another try! 🙂

My challenge for today is swap something in your meal over the weekend to a healthy alternative. I spoke about this a little on Monday but I can really feel the benefits it’s been having. It’s as simple as wholemeal pasta rather than normal pasta, or multi-grain bread rather that white bread, or my favourite, sweet potato instead of potato. Tonight I made some delicious sweet potato wedges roasted with paprika to complement a salad and chicken schnitzel – feeling like a Masterchef! 🙂

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  1. John Hill

    Keep at it. There will always be challenges to sticking to your resolve. Get back on the bike or treadmill. By the way I did go for the ride on Thursday. Very pleasant.

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