Up, up and away!

Wow. Thank YOU. In the past few days since I posted my 365 Day Project, my blog hits have soared. The project post alone has had 200+ individual views, so motivating and so encouraging. My blog has now reached 17 countries in 4 days, so thank you to all my international readers as well! I’m nervous that I’ve made myself vulnerable to so much accountability, but I’m so excited by the journey this next year is going to bring! I thought I’d check in about my first few days of the project as it’s been crucial to begin a good rhythm with my challenges, particularly the tasks that required weekly or daily commitment!

I’ve read my bible every day since first posting, which has truly been the best part of my day. It’s provided rest, peace and insight when I’ve needed it most this week. It never ceases to amaze me how a book written centuries ago can still be so relevant and moving today. This said, I’m still yet to move out of the New Testament, so over the next few days I plan to go back to the beginning, all the way to Genesis. I also don’t have a firm plan for my reading yet, which is going to be pretty important for me to read the entire book in a year, so I’ll be looking at some reading plans over the weekend – if you know of any good ones, please comment and let me know!

Sadly, I haven’t been to the gym this week – however I’ve been preparing to head interstate on Thursday and internationally on Friday, so I have been slightly preoccupied and in bed super early where possible! I’m going to try to get a session in tomorrow night so I can relax before my 8 hour flight, early Friday morning! I’m keen to go for some runs whilst I’m overseas, but this is going to be an extra challenge in Singapore’s blistering heat (32 degrees and 84% humidity today!), but I’m up for it!

I’ve also been learning some Nepali words (like “nayan” for “new”, quite reflective of Sunday as I began this project!) but I’ll be looking for a concrete program that will help me learn some phrases! Anyone got any tips?!

Finally! Had some great reading tips thrown my way for my novel a month goal. I’ve just downloaded The Kite Runner onto my iPad forthe flight to Singapore. Hopefully I’ll get some reading time whilst I’m travelling, maybe I’ll even knock off two novels this month! Continue to send through your suggestions by commenting on this post 🙂

Next time I post I’ll be coming to you from warm, sticky Singapore – looking forward to blogging about the exciting food and sunny (fingers crossed!) weather.

PS – Went to a fantastic new cafe near UTS (my workplace) today and if you’re in Sydney, you must try it! Olive Green’s Cafe caters for Gluten-Free and Dairy intolerances and use organic and fair-trade ingredients in their scrumptious menu. They also serve their coffee in these fantastic glass-blown glasses which you can purchase quite cheaply too! Highly recommended.


  1. indianexcursionsco

    Hi again!

    After reading your post, I’d like to recommend the Rosette Stone language programs. They’re a little pricey – but it genuinely worked for me when learning Hindi. There’s a similar (free) online based system called Live Mocha, which is also good for learning languages. They have some lessons on there – but beware of other people treating it like a dating site!

  2. caitlinramrakha


    Sorry I forgot to reply earlier! Checked both of your suggestions (THANK YOU!) but they both don’t have Nepali 😦 How sad! It’s a bit of a random language to learn, and unfortunately doesn’t have the same millions of people speaking it like Hindi 😉 I do want to practice my conversational French though, so will try get into Live Mocha – thanks for the warning though 😉

    Hope your part of the world is warmer and brighter than mine at the moment!


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