My Big Fat Socially Responsible Wedding

This is just a quick post to introduce my new ‘Wedding’ page of Globally Thinking!

For those unaware, I got engaged on my birthday just over two months ago and I’m now currently planning our wedding for 18th February 2012! Whilst it’s very exciting and I’m looking forward to sharing this journey with you, the real reason why I’ve decided to blog about my wedding on Globally Thinking is to blog about the theme of our wedding – ‘ socially responsible’, which happens to be the key focus of this blog!

In just two months I’ve been overwhelmed by how big the wedding industry is, and been particularly challenged not to get caught up in the hype of it all! To defy the usual extravagance of weddings, Navin and I are thus planning a ‘socially responsible’ wedding and are looking for ways to be ethical and responsible in every aspect of our wedding!

So over the next 8 months leading up to our marriage I’m going to blog about various wedding components, from fair trade bombonieres to organic bouquets, and everything in between.

I look forward to sharing my ideas with future bride-to-be’s or just anyone that’s curious how a wedding can be socially responsible! Feel free to post comments or suggestions too – I want to share in this journey with you!


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