Education without Energy

Wednesday is always a difficult day to get through of any week, but even worse when you’ve only got $2 to live on! It’s the middle day when you’ve achieved half your working week, but still have another two days to go before the weekend, and for me it was probably the day when Live Below the Line reached its worse.  I have to admit, I’m already over cardboard pasta and chicken stock flavoured rice – whilst I have not felt hungry once during the past 3 days, I’ve felt extraordinarily bored by my food, and almost sad to eat it.

It was also the first day I worked during the LBL week and I was quite apprehensive at how I’d go – would I be more hungry because I had to concentrate more? Would I fall asleep at my desk because I have absolutely no iron entering my body at the moment?! Luckily I didn’t feel any more hungry, eating an early breakfast of oats at 8am and not feeling the need to eat anything till 4pm (yes, you guessed it, a tiny portion of cardboard pasta!) I was however, increasingly lethargic and lifeless, and almost felt depressed at the thought of my next meal – not another bowl of cardboard please!!!

After a small dinner of pumpkin soup and carrots, I braved my 3 hour bible college evening class – a tough feat considering the small amount of food consumed throughout the day and with my energy levels rapidly decreasing.

My inability to concentrate from lack of food sadly reminded me of the children at my school in Ghana last year – where many children from impoverished backgrounds were expected to sit through 6-8 hours of classes each day on a small breakfast, or sometimes nothing at all.  Some would fall asleep in class, others would beg me for money to buy something little at the school’s ‘canteen’.  This was just another daily lesson and reminder of just how blessed I am to live in Australia – spoilt for choice with food and education.

After college I went straight to bed and had my earliest night’s sleep in months! Again I was reminded about the many children in our world who, lacking energy, return from school to do household chores for hours before they can go to bed.

If anything, this campaign has been a constant reminder of the huge disparities in our world, yet also acted as an inspiration for the continued fight to end extreme poverty and close this gap!

Education is a key tool in breaking the poverty cycle, and if you sponsor me here for my efforts this week, you’ll be supporting Oaktree’s education programs in Cambodia, Papua New Guinea and East Timor. Thank you in advance 🙂


  1. Greta Whyte

    Love this post! I felt the same with 40hr famine.. but unfortunately after 40hrs i was able to regain access into our reality and start to eat fresh and healthy foods, which I can’t say the rest of the third world in impoverished conditions can do! anyway, Goodluck Caitlin!!! xx

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