Globally Thinking in 2011

Hello 2011!

It has been far too long since I’ve posted so a huge apology to my readers. After winding down 2010 and feeling rejuvenated and inspired after a short break, I am looking forward to all that 2011 has to offer. I thought I’d quickly share with you what this year has in store for me so far, as well as sharing some commitments to Globally Thinking I hope to keep during the year.

Commitments to Globally Thinking

Whilst commitments can sometimes be like New Year Resolutions that are broken as fast as they’re made, I will do my very best this year to stay committed to blogging no matter how busy this year becomes! Some of my key commitments this year are:

–          Posting bi-weekly: This was my plan when I began this blog in May 2010 and I will endeavour to uphold this plan throughout 2011!

–          Writing a World Food Programme blog monthly: Last July I signed up to be a Blogger against Hunger. In an effort to continue to raise awareness about issues the WFP faces, I commit to posting a related blog each month!

–          Action Points in EVERY blog: As this blog is equally about action as it is about education, I endeavour to outline a clear action point for my readers in every blog I write – whether it be singing a petition, donating money or updating Facebook status – I hope to provide you with easy and accessibly ways to act against poverty now!

2011 for Caitlin Lee


Possibly the most exciting aspect of the year – finishing my three year Global Studies degree! Whilst I barely feel like I’ve been at university, I’m definitely ready to start using the skills I’ve acquired from this degree to get my hands dirty and start impacting the world around me! At the moment I have no idea what I will be doing after my degree, but for now I want to enjoy my final two semesters, soaking up knowledge, gaining new experiences and sharing my knowledge and passion with others through Globally Thinking.


 This year I will continue to work in my DREAM job with BUiLD – researching fantastic overseas volunteer opportunities and short courses, running inspiring and challenging events and hearing stories from amazing UTS students who are doing incredible things locally and internationally. I am so passionate about this program because it provides students with such unique opportunities to develop their leadership and networking skills locally, nationally and internationally and inspires students to think and act beyond their personal bubbles (which is exactly what my blog is about!) For more information about BUiLD visit and check out my picture here!


My volunteer position with Oaktree combines my two passions – aid, development and poverty reduction and educating kids about it! As I was 16 and in Year 11 when I really became passionate about ending poverty, I know just how important it is to be educating kids about this issue at a young age and firing them up to become leaders and change-makers! This year I’ll be working on our Affiliates Program – going into 30 new schools around Sydney and teaching the students about poverty, development and our partner schools in South Africa and Cambodia. Oaktree is an incredible organisation because it is run entirely by under 26 year olds and is creating HUGE waves of change in the developing world. To find out more of what we do or even look at current volunteer opportunities, visit or if you’re interested in our Schools 4 Schools program, shoot me an email at


This year I will be directing my first Scripture Union Family Mission (SUFM or Beach Mission). Every year, Christians from hundreds of churches head to various holiday spots up and down the NSW Coast and run SUFM. I have just come home from my 4th mission, and these 10 days away sharing Jesus’ love with kids, teenagers and adults is the highlight of my year without fail. I am so excited to step up this year and direct a mission with two others. It will be a very busy year, but I’m so excited that God has blessed me with such a huge opportunity to serve my mission team and the people of Lake Conjola!


 I have been very blessed to gain a spot on BUiLD’s first delegation to the World Model United Nations in Singapore, this March. This week long conference gives over 1000 students from around the world the experience of emulating the United Nations, acting as various countries in specific committees and preparing resolutions for issues. I am beyond thrilled to be heading to Singapore to take part in this conference, and I look forward to the skills I’ll develop and the people I’ll meet. Will definitely be blogging live from Singapore, so watch this space!


 Almost as soon as I finish up at World MUN in Singapore, I’ll be flying over to the United Arab Emirates for the Education Without Borders Conference. This conference brings together 1000 students from around the world to discuss global issues and challenges and create solutions together. The conference features an array of guest speakers (Mohammed Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize winner and Grameen Bank founder has spoken before!) and students sharing their perspectives on various issues. I have submitted a paper about the use of social media to combat world issues and will found out in late January if I’ve been chosen to present. I’d love you to read my paper Social Media for a Better World .  I am so excited to attend this conference in a place that is so foreign to me but full of rich history and culture! I can’t wait to explore the Middle East!

I am excited that 2011 is already alive and kicking and I can’t wait to see what else this year has instore! Above all, I hope this blog continues to educate you, inspire you and challenge your ideas.

Any ideas for future posts or any feedback or [constructive] criticism is most welcome. Comment below or email me at:

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