It starts with a 12 Year Old Girl…

I couldn’t help but write two blogs today because there is another issue I want to quickly mention and it deserves a post of its own! Back when I started this blog I posted (Women Make A Powerful Noise) one of my favourite videos, The Girl Effect. The video is very creative and challenging, yet raised one simple yet profound point, invest in a girl, and she will do the rest. Well, the team behind the first video is back, and they’ve released this new video in the past week.

It follows the story of a 12 year old girl – comparing the life of a girl in poverty, and one with opportunities. Giving a 12 year old girl medical attention, education, a safe environment and opportunities to earn a living allows HER to call the shots. She’ll get married and start a family when she’s ready and educate her daughter about the same process – this will continue for generations, starting a positive cycle that will break the destructive cycle of poverty – simple huh?

I’ve had education, medical access and employment opportunities my whole life – why can’t we give these girls the same thing? 50 million 12 year old girls in poverty equal 50 solutions. How powerful is that?!

So, how can you help? Well why not start by sharing this video – post it on Facebook, Twitter or even share my blog about it. Let’s start a Girl Effect ripple around the world. Keen to do even more? You can read more about this issue or donate to Care Australia, an Australian organisation that supports movements such as The Girl Effect. Watch their own video “I am powerful” below.

Lastly, I got really excited this week because Ban Ki-Moon released the ‘MDG Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment Progress Chart 2010’ at the UN Summit in New York – this report highlights progress, where we’re far behind in achieving the MDGS, and suggest ways to move forward towards gender equality and empowerment for women (wohoo!) You can read the report here.

Yes, the clock is ticking, but we have the solutions – it starts with a 12 year old girl, and it ends in equality, opportunities and the eradication of extreme poverty. That’s something I dream for – do you?

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