52 hours later…

The 40 Hour Famine is over for 2010 – and I successfully didn’t eat, use furniture (except the one time at the dentist!) or Facebook for 40 whole hours! Surprisingly none of these sacrafices felt particularly challenging this year (except maybe my sore back/restless sleeps!) so I am definitely glad that I added the challenge of no speaking this year too!

Challenge is probably a HUGE understatement. I raised $860 by 12pm today, so I’m not talking until midnight, Tuesday (52 hours down already!) Now at $885 – I’m so close and determined to reach my $1000 target, and even sure that I can exceed it too! I’ll be writing a longer post about the rest of my weekend on Monday night (as I also count down to my voice reappearing!), so stay tuned.

Thank you SO much to everyone that’s sponsored me already – you’re helping me fight against the Global Food Crisis and giving kids in Kenya, India, Nepal, Cambodia and Laos a voice! If you haven’t sponsored me yet, it’s not too late – visit www.40hf.com.au/caitlinlee

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