Say What?! The 50 Hour Famine??

I’ve almost been silent now for 4 hours, and it’s much harder than I expected! You have to be constantly aware of that fact you can’t talk so little words don’t come out. I’ve made a few noises, but haven’t spoken to my amazement yet!

Before youth tonight I picked up a donation from bumping into a family friend at Coles! This Facebook/Blogging campaign has definitely been working as everyone I see seems to be aware of my adventure this weekend! So social networking does definitely come in handy for something!

So tonight I spent 30 mins at youth group talking before we all did a 10 second countdown before I sat on the ground and kept quiet! I said a final ‘GOODBYE!’ and for the first time in my entire existence my mouth was completely silenced! Such a strange feeling not being able to communicate thoughts that come into your head so quickly and it seems pointless writing everything down too!

Youth tonight was a quarterly event we have called B Squared – basically having a church service in our basement where Fuse is normally held. It runs just like a usual service with songs, bible reading, prayer and a message too. So tonight I stood there as everyone sang songs, occasionally writing lyrics to the songs as you can see in the picture!

I sat very quietly and listened to the bible reading/message…and then also sat quietly as everyone prayed, yet held up my AMEN at the end! Tonight has been a constant reminder of the many children that don’t get to express their passions because of their unfortunate living conditions. Tonight I couldn’t sing praises like I normally would and I struggled with this a lot!

People have been incredibly patient with me, so I am grateful for that but I can see how this is going to get quite frustrating over the weekend – surely I’ll become a fast writer though!

On another note – I’ve now reached $600 (THANK YOU AMAZING SPONSORS!!) so won’t be talking until 10pm on Sunday night (50HOURS!!!) This means, I’ll be seeing Wicked the Musical SPEECHLESS, and will not be able to sing along to Defying Gravity. So tragic – yet I am so excited for the money I’ve been able to raise so far – keep it coming in everyone! Donate at:

Tonight I’ll be sleeping on the floor with just my blankets… comfort here I come! Check out my bed to the left! I bet you’re jealous of the sleep I’m going to get tonight!

Tomorrow I’ll be posting a blog about the kids this money will be helping, with some videos featuring some very cute Nepalese children! Stay tuned for that as well as updates from my experiences as I get increasingly frustrated not talking.

Speechless for another 46 hours,


One Comment

  1. John

    It is an amazing thing for Caitlin to be quiet. She has not stopped talking since she started 18 years ago. It is ironic that by her lack of words she will help the disadvantaged. Thankfully, when she regains her voice she will continue to speak out and be a blessing to others. Keep it up, darling. Your proud dad.

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