10 Experiences in Ghana

As time is short and limited with internet here in Ghana, I thought I’d write 10 quick experiences we’ve had so far in Ghana. We’ve been here for 10 days, so I’ll try do an experience a day!

1. Had a vuvuzela blown in my ear whilst watching Ghana vs Uruguay in the World Cup Semis. I now understand why a man in Germany is permanently deaf after this experience. Very loud!

2. Tried Ghanaian Dishes – fried plantain, banku, red-red – all unusual, interesting foods that come in HUGE portions when served by our accommodating Ghanaian ‘mums’ here. I haven’t finished a meal yet.

3. Heard ‘Obruni’ at least 50 times – we are called ‘Obruni’ at least 5 times a day, meaning White Person in Fante. The children are taught a song at school to greet white people; ‘Obruni, How are you? I’m fine thank you! Annnnnd you?’ Very cute!

4. Experienced chilling tales from a former slave castle – We visited Elmina Castle, a former holding ground for the thousands of Ghanaian slaves held captive by the Portuguese and destined for a live of slavery in Brazil or America. Very sad but a worthwhile experience

5. Caught a tro-tro. The typical way of Ghanaian transport here. Tro-tros are vans that fit approx 12-16 people (depending on how much you squish!) The system is confusing at times for us as we’re not familiar with the town, but it’s fun all the while.

6.  Worn traditional African dress – I’ve been given 2 African dresses whilst being here – one for Church, and one made for us from the children at our school in Cape Coast. Everyone loves looking at an Obruni in traditional clothes!

7. Had my hair braided – I had a brief experience of having my hair braided for a day, like many other Ghanaians – my head felt much cooler and lighter! I will get my hair braided on a more permanent (2-3weeks) basis next week!

8. Taught the Australian National Anthem to a class full of Ghanaian children – The kids are so keen to learn about Australia. We’ve taught them everything we can. They can name our Prime Minister ‘Juuulia Gillaaard’, say G’Day Mate with an Aussie accent and sing our anthem. We are very proud of them!

9. Danced at an African Church – This is an experience that everyone has to have before they die! Church is loud, musical and a exhausting work out! Fun for everyone!

10. Using the typical handshake – In Ghana everyone greets you with a long-lasting handshake that ends with a click by snapping your fingers off each other. I’m still getting used to!


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