I am feeling extraordinarily proud to be an Australian today, after witnessing our Act to End Poverty being moved as a motion through the House of Representatives (Australian Federal Government). What an exciting and rewarding achievement of the Road Trip we embarked on less than a month ago!

Some highlights from the 3 speeches included:

Ms Vamvakinou saying: ” Through such campaigns, spearheaded by an army of young Australians such as those we witnessed during parliament some weeks ago, we have seen the rates of extreme poverty decrease considerably.” It is so encouraging that politicians to believe in the power of young people, which reminds me of one of my favourite bible passages: “Do not let anyone look down on you because you are young” (1 Timothy 4:12) We are definitely causing a stir as Australia’s young generation and I cannot wait for a future when my generation are the leaders, teachers and aid workers – what a bright future we have ahead of us!!!

Ms Vamvakinou also said: “We must imagine the possibilities of a different world and create it and, in making history, we need to make poverty history.” AMEN! This reminds me of World Vision’s famous campaign using the song ‘Do You See What I See?’ I encourage you to look beyond the wealthy & educated community you live amongst and think BIGGER. There is a different world out there that is subject to abject poverty and preventable diseases but can we also imagine the possiblities for changing this world into a brighter, safer, hungerless one?

Mr Greg Hunt said: “…it is our task, our duty, our responsibility, to do all that we can to provide a way forward for others.” So TRUE! Since we were lucky enough to be born in Australia, I really believe that it is our inherent responsibility to create solutions for our world, and partner with countries to implement tangible and sustainable change in their communities.

Lastly, the final MP to speak Mr Mike Symon said: ” I think that one of the biggest problems confronting the global community is the lack of awareness by people who live in wealthy countries of the real and constant daily issues and effects of poverty in developing countries across the globe.”
What a call to educate and speak out! We must ensure that we tackle the lack of awareness about issues so that we can then pressure the government to increase aid to 0.7% – one day elections will be decided on the way candidates address foreign aid and climate change. I cannot wait for this day!

Please enjoy watching this momentous 15 minutes in Parliament (it may bring a tear or two to your eye!)

You can also view the entire transcript here. (p82.)

I’d encourage all of you to send thank you emails to the three MPs who talked aboout our motion in parliament, Ms Maria Vamvakinou, Mr Mike Symon and Mr Greg Hunt. Click on their names to be directed to their email addresses.

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