Hello, Bonjour, Hola, Ni Hao, Namaste

I am starting this blog today, because for someone that always declares having a passion for writing, I really don’t do enough of it. As I enjoy writing to nobody in particular, yet also find typing faster than writing with a pen, I decided a blog was the answer. Whilst I could spend my time aimlessly recounting my mundane daily activities (and that’s what my Twitter account is for!), I thought I could effectively use this blog to share with you my thoughts about things greater than my life. I want to encourage you (whoever you are) to start thinking globally, and whilst my posts may contain personal recounts as well, ultimately I hope to urge you to start thinking beyond yourself and your immediate community.

Between May 8-15 I went on a Make Poverty History Road Trip with the Oaktree Foundation – this involved a week of roadtripping, petitioning and campaigning, urging the government to meet foreign aid budget promises. Whilst our Road Trip was a fantastic start to a lifetime of ending poverty in our generation, it doesn’t end there and this blog is the result of that week,  and earlier experiences I’ve had over the past three years. I hope I cause you to think, consider, question and debate the issues and topics I raise.

Whilst my greatest passion is to see extreme poverty erradicated in my liftetime – I have more specific passions too.

These include:

– Universal Education for children – more specfically increasing the % of girls in school

– Ending Trafficking in all its forms

– Improving maternal health and reducing child mortality

As an extra note, I hope to share information about NGOs that I find inspiring, CAMPAIGNS that need urgent action and I’ll also include TED TALKS (I am a TED Talk fanatic – they are such a fantastic way of reaching the masses about pressing issues!) 

As a student at the University of Technology, Sydney I am often inspired by our motto, and believe it serves as a valuable undertone to this blog, so I shall leave you with this:


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